Straub Christmas - 2004

We had a great time at Sheryl's home in Manassas, VA

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Wendy preparing the salad -- always thinking healthy!

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The tree bursting with gifts!

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'Grampa snoozing

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A busy kitchen!

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A Happy Sheryl!

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Wendy, 'Gramma & Tom waiting for their gifts!

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Sheryl & Melissa exchanging lots of gifts

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A "Mean Jean" nurse teddy bear

DSC00022.JPG (241200 bytes)

She doesn't look that mean!

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Thomas and Tom

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The 26th was Jean's 70th B-DAY--

Fire extinguisher was available!

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Jean did have enough "hot air"!

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It was a delicious and BIG cake --

had to be to hold all the candles!  (haha)

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Sheryl & Melissa