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It was a FULL house of friends & neighbors !

LV2.JPG (196305 bytes)

Randy, Amiee & Joan

Beau.JPG (116913 bytes)

Beau chill'n out

AnneCorry.JPG (299183 bytes)

Anne & Corry

JoanEric.JPG (236744 bytes)

Joan & Eric

Julie.JPG (142102 bytes)

Julie - recent moved back from San Fran - we worked together

over 20 years ago!

Kids.JPG (273984 bytes)

Some of the neighborhood kids - Helen, Jana & Sergey

LV1.JPG (200221 bytes)

Lots of conversations going on

CarolynRandy.JPG (197253 bytes)

Randy catching up with Carolyn

MarthaCorry.JPG (150725 bytes)

One of my new co-workers, Martha with Corry

NatalieTom.JPG (243172 bytes)

Another new co-worker, Natalie meets Tom

SaritaTerri.JPG (288133 bytes)

Sarita meets Terri

Sherry.JPG (197853 bytes)

Sherry relaxing

RichNatalie.JPG (248265 bytes)

Natalie with boyfriend, Rich

LV3.JPG (239889 bytes)

Busy Living Room

Mike.JPG (209975 bytes)

Talking about your new job Mike?

JulieMike.JPG (207983 bytes)

Julie listening intently

John.JPG (217589 bytes)

"Santa" John

DavidKelly.JPG (245844 bytes)

The Newlyweds! David & Kelly --

they met at our Xmas Open house in 2002!

BaumanFamily.JPG (179696 bytes)

The new Bauman Family!

Sydney, Kelly, David & Jordan

JohnBill.JPG (179834 bytes)

John meets my new boss - Bill

JulieJo.JPG (246206 bytes)

Jo & Julie

BobCorry.JPG (193291 bytes)

Neighbors Corry & Bob (in his Xmas vest)

Corry.JPG (169768 bytes)

Corry checking out the munchies

Kids2.JPG (275953 bytes)

I surprised the kids with early Xmas gifts!

Linda.JPG (225791 bytes)

Linda May looking absolutely fantastic!

Magnum.JPG (201664 bytes)

Magnum not bothered by all the going's on

Michelle.JPG (96666 bytes)

Mike & Linda's daughter - Michelle

JoJesus.JPG (217722 bytes)

As the night dwindled down, our neighbor & postman,

Jesus --was able to make the party!