Well, I hope we never have to go thru something like this again!

Winds and rain really started to kick up around 5PM and the main storm wasn't scheduled to hit until 10 PM! We received most of our damage just after 5PM so we were really concerned of what else might happen!

We made it thru with just some major tree flooding!

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Here's a couple pics of backyard from the morning of Isabel

ISABEL/BackyardBefore.JPG (346094 bytes)  ISABEL/ShedBefore.JPG (340979 bytes)

And here's the aftermath!

ISABEL/Backyard1.JPG (342634 bytes)  ISABEL/Backyard2.JPG (348206 bytes)

All the neighbors kicked in to help each other. We cleared trees and limbs from 7 homes. Two neighbors behind us didn't have power so "Mr. Electric" Tom fed them power from our kitchen so they could keep their refrigerators running. We also let them come over for Internet access and do their laundry. They did not get power back until 6PM on Weds. the 24th!

In the center of this pic, it looks like two limbs but it's not! It's one big curved limb that embedded itself one foot into our yard!

ISABEL/EmbeddedLimb.JPG (337802 bytes)

Here's the hole it left!

ISABEL/LimbHole.JPG (78780 bytes)

These next two pics shows another broken limb, it didn't look like much until Tom dug it out!

ISABEL/Log.JPG (152680 bytes)  ISABEL/Tomwithlog.JPG (377649 bytes)

Here's our front yard after cleanup:

ISABEL/FrontYardAfter.JPG (340231 bytes)

Here's a couple pics from the street

ISABEL/AmieeFrontYard.JPG (347883 bytes)    ISABEL/RandyFrontYard.JPG (342872 bytes)

No real damage to the pond. We covered it with a net. All fish fine & dandy...but still alot of debris on bottom -- that's Tom's job.

UPDATE 9/23/03...we received over 3 inches of rain in the wee hours of the morning. If I hadn't awakened we probably would have had water inside the house. Tom was able to put sandbags in front of the door, but damage was done. Pond is really muddy and full of more debris.  Good thing Tom didn't clean it after Isabel.  Here's a few pics:

Side yard before rain:

ISABEL/PreSideyard1.JPG (352629 bytes)  ISABEL/PreSideYard2.JPG (357316 bytes)

Here's how it looks now...

ISABEL/Sandbags.JPG (236799 bytes)  ISABEL/Postsideyard1.JPG (263479 bytes) ISABEL/Postsideyard2.JPG (265376 bytes)

ISABEL/Postbackyard1.JPG (336027 bytes)  ISABEL/MuddyPond.JPG (326321 bytes)

So it's back to clean up time! We'll have to wait a day or so the ground is just too saturated to walk on! On the 24th we could see pond starting to clear -- we could see about 6" down -- so I threw some fish food in and it looks like they're all ok! We're hoping to have the pond clean by end of this weekend.  The County came by on the 24th and hauled away the tree debris.

UPDATE 9/29/03...we hired the neighborhood kids (Sergey, Madeline, Helen & Jana) to pick up landscape pebbles after I had shoved up what I could.  They did a great job!

ISABEL/Kids.JPG (308478 bytes)



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