My Spiral Tree Test

Well, I started with this guy’s idea for a base..

I’m using 1” Black pipe and the tree is 15’ to the topper (not the snowflake).  So, then it’s a matter of getting the base level.  Once that’s done, next come’s getting the pipe straight.  I use a fence post level for that and then come the guy lines,  3 at the 10’ pipe and 3 more at the topper.

I’m using several “weird” parts for my tree.  An old fire bell mounting bracket for my new topper with some extra holes around the edge for the stringers.  I’m using electricians “drag line” for the stringers, just because I have it and it comes in 5000’ lengths.  I’m building a 12’ “mega tree” inside so I used a 20” piece of 1 ¼” PVC over the 1” black pipe to raise my topper from last year (made from a sink strainer and “s” hooks) to the approximate 12’ mark. 

After leveling and guying and getting the stringers taut, I started by lying the tree on its side. Then putting the inside mega tree together.  2 strings of red, and green, alternating, for four channels each.  The problem with this is there is no easy way to get the wires taut since they are a little short, and they have to be connected together.  It took a while but, I did come up with a solution to this problem… JACK CHAIN!  Take a single piece and open one of the ends, and BANG! You have a way to connect a wire tie to the string without damage!   


Okay, that’s done (finally) and now it’s time to “wrap” the spiral tree.  I had already attached the strings at the topper with a wire tie thru that same hole as my stringers.  Alternating, blue and white, I stake the strings out from the tree and starting with one, wrap it around the tree.  THIS TAKES TIME!  The first string is mighty important, since this will be your guide for the others.  I walked them around since this is only a test, and I would take more time and be wire tying them to the stringers for a full blown, up for season, tree. But the walking around method works pretty well, if you take some time. It took me 4 try’s to get the wraps around the tree the way I wanted them. 


Here’s the final result.  Hope you like it. 


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Tom Straub

Straub Enterprises