The Cats!

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We have a new addition as of 10/10/03--Gracie.

She was 5 months old at time of adoption.


Our other "kids" are:

Magnum 12 yrs. old; Jack & Jillian are 4.



Gracie has settled in.  I think she will be a small cat--but with plenty of spunk and holds her own.



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 GracieSleeping2.JPG (256319 bytes)    GracieonPC.JPG (220725 bytes)  GraciePrinter.JPG (228060 bytes)


(Update 5/14/04) We let Gracie outside where she behaves well.  She has a lease on just in case she tries to jump the fence. Yesterday she tried to jump the pond, but her lease got slightly snagged on rock.


GraciePond1.JPG (189589 bytes)  GraciePond2.JPG (270376 bytes)  GraciePond3.JPG (98753 bytes)


The perch in the living room is usually occupied.

Perchshot2.jpg (108016 bytes)

If they're not on perch...they're in our bed...which gets quite crowded at night!

JillyJackMagnumSackedOut.JPG (164369 bytes)

Tom was trying to relax in bedroom...Magnum and Jilly wanted some attention!

cats/TomandCats.JPG (262580 bytes)

Magnum and Jack in Bathroom

MagnumandJack1.jpg (98123 bytes)

Jack likes his water FRESH...Until he's SOAKED!!

Jack1.jpg (66161 bytes)  

Magnum is getting up there in age...he needs to rest his old shoulders.

cats/MagnumSnoozing.JPG (217176 bytes)

Jack can be found lying around all over the place!

cats/JackPumpkin1.jpg (137949 bytes)  cats/Jackinsnow.jpg (505368 bytes)  cats/Jackonrailing2.jpg (348234 bytes)

Magnum won't be left out

cats/MagnumonDeck3.jpg (115674 bytes)

Jillian in her fancy collar

cats/JillianWeddingCollar.jpg (136445 bytes)

Jack and Jillian playing. Tom thought this was cute...until he had to pick it up later!


Magnum and Jillian relaxing on deck. They're only allowed out while we're out too.

Here's a great pic of Magnum checking out the fish. He realizes there's fish in the pond about twice a year.


Magnum cooling off and relaxing in my flower bed.


Tom thought Magnum could stay out after dark as long as

he had a glow stick on.....Here's an eerie sight!


In Memorial to A.C. (1991-1999)

A.C. stands for Abandoned Cat. He was left behind when a neighbor moved. He was on his own for 3 months until we found out what happened. We brought him in and enjoyed him for 6 years until he developed severe intestinal problems. He will be missed. This was one of our favorite pics and typical of A.C.  He and Jack cuddled all the time!

 ac&jack.jpg (48255 bytes)



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